about us

We began over a decade ago with a simple mission: Providing a safe, clean, and professional environment for all of our clients and employees by working and communicating as a team.

We started like many – an idyllic summer spent in a lifeguard chair. We learned the ins & outs of basic pool maintenance, and mastered the skills of pool repair. After working for a large pool maintenance contractor, we realized that we wanted something better.

Our leadership team represents over 50 years of experience in pool staffing and maintenance. Our lifeguards receive Red Cross training, and our pool technicians are highly-trained and reliable. We understand the investment required to build and maintain a pool, and we’re committed to making certain that you and your clients enjoy it.

Whether a one-time repair or ongoing service, we can provide a turn-key plan to make sure that your pool is ready when you need it. Our team can meet your daily needs – from lifeguards to pool attendants, and water management to equipment service. Our customers trust us because we excel in communication and provide an experienced and professional team – not matter the size of your facility.

Are you looking to rejuvenate an older pool? Our renovation services can repair your old pool, enhance the pool lighting, and add exciting water features that will increase your pool enjoyment. Visit our Services page for more information.

Our team appreciates us because we’ve walked in their shoes and swam the same laps. We believe in training, appreciation through salaries, bonuses and benefits, and helping our teammates grow.

Our goal is to take the worry out of pool ownership. You build it and fill it with water. We’ll take care of the rest.